The best deal in California is the California Vehicle Code book.  This is a taxpayer
subsidised book and is probably worth over $100.00
You can walk into the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and buy one for $9.00  

Getting a Code book is a good first step in knowing with certainty if you are following the
law or violating the law; and making the police follow the law.  You can get it free online,
but you can't take the online code with you on the bike to show the officer or a friend
what is in the book.  

That's the key. It applies in all other areas of law, too. Understand the code (law) and you
have the only certain way to prevent the country from becoming a nation of men, and not
of laws.

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Reason:Online article

(a) The director, where the automotive repair dealer cannot show there was
a bona fide error, may refuse to validate, or  may invalidate temporarily or
permanently, the registration of an automotive repair dealer for any of the
following acts or omissions related to the conduct of the business of the
automotive repair dealer, which are done by the automotive repair dealer or
any automotive technician, employee, partner, officer, or member of the
automotive repair dealer.

(1) Making or authorizing in any manner or by any means whatever
any statement written or oral which is untrue or misleading, and which
is known, or which by the exercise of reasonable care should be
known, to be untrue or misleading.  
False or Misleading Defined.

In determining whether any advertisement, statement, or representation is
false or misleading, it shall be considered in its
entirety as it would be read or heard by persons to whom it is designed to

An advertisement, statement, or representation shall be considered to be
false or misleading if it tends to deceive the public or impose upon
credulous or ignorant persons.

NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 9882 and 9884.19, Business and
Professions Code.
Reference: Sections 9884.7(1)(a) and (h), 9884.19 and 17500, Business
and Professions Code.
That means when you walk into any business in California that has a repair
and sells motorcycle safety helmets, ask them if they sell "DOT
approved" helmets;  if they say yes, the store has violated those laws.  The
store made a False and Misleading claim according to California law.

Fraud.  Making false or misleading statements.   Helmet sellers have got to
stop violating those laws, because they are perpetuating the hoax that the
rogue law officers are using to violate the law and your rights.   Selling
helmets under false pretenses.

You should not get a ticket for not wearing an approved helmet when
approved helmets don't exist.  And helmet salesmen should not be able to
claim they sell approved helmets if approved helmets don't exist.  

The helmet sellers are helping to spread and prolong the problem the police
are creating when police ticket you for wearing a helmet that doesn't meet
the standard that only exists in the cop's imagination.

Know of a California shop that claims to sell 'approved' helmets?
File a complaint with the
Department of Consumer Affairs.
BOLT of California

Understanding Head & Neck Trauma
(Or, why helmets increase the danger!)
Click the link

Article by Tony 'Pan' Sanfelipo
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candidate is to raise the money to hire the consultants to do the
focus groups to figure out the 30-second answers to be
memorized by the candidate. This is stunningly dangerous.”
—Newt Gingrich  
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politics is an extension of war.
A Folsom Police Department officer tried to say he could arrest me and jail; me
for recording him during a traffic stop for my home-made helmet.
This set of
documents was created following the phone call to the Supervisor.

It is clear the CHP does inform other departments and agencies that probable
cause cannot be developed in helmet cases. I know alot of people who print this
and carry it with them everywhere.
Recommendations for California riders:

Buy a Vehicle Code book from the DMV.
Read the sections we discussed in this website.

Get a digital recorder.
Take it with you wherever you go, on a bike or not.
Use it every time you are stopped by an officer.
It is legal to record in public in California.

Avoid answering questions - your answer could be used
against you in court. If you think you are going to get "fair"
treatment from the officer, remember the cop is not allowed
to testify to information that can exonerate you.

Print the documents that you think will be helpful and carry
them with you. Show others.

Don't take your DOT sticker off your helmet.
Technically it is not required to be on the helmet once you
have actually bought the helmet. But with the stickers on and
in it that a helmet being sold has, there should be no way you
should get a ticket.

If you get pulled over (turn on the recorder and) ask the
officer what is wrong with the helmet. Have him tell you what
the probable cause is, if he writes you a ticket.

As soon as possible contact the BOLT webmaster.
You will be instructed to email the audio recording of the
traffic stop, along with a scanned copy of the ticket.

Court procedures are complicated, and can be slightly
different from county to county. It would be tedious and
consume many pages of this website to try to have all the
possible scenarios that could happen written here.
The information on this website along with personal
experience of BOLT members will fill in any blanks and
answer any questions that you can think of.
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